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Global leaders

In design, development and manufacture of moving floor technology for over 50 years

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Staff with innovative solutions and leading customer service

Vertically integrated

Design, R&D, manufacturing, testing and proving completed in house


Operating & manufacturing centre for Europe within the globally positioned HALLCO Industries Group.

HALLCO design and manufacture a comprehensive range of bulk material handling solutions for trucks, trailers and stationary conveyor/bin systems.

Our distribution and sales outlets are owned and established in North America, South America, Europe and Australasia. 

HALLCO Industries are the inventors of the ORIGINAL LIVE FLOOR system and filed the first patent in 1968, the world’s first horizontal reciprocating floor system, comprised of a series of deck slats that move in sequence to both load and unload goods quickly and efficiently.   

We are committed to ensuring we deliver innovative solutions with leading products and services for all our customers, supporting them with major advantages in their changing environment. 

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