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The Original LIVE FLOOR®

50+ Years   Moving Bulk Material

HALLCO INDUSTRIES are global leaders in the commercial vehicle market for the design and manufacture of bulk material loading and unloading systems and stationary conveyor/bin systems.

Our heritage of 50+ years combines strong knowledge and vast experience, to ensure we deliver innovative solutions with leading products and services for all our customers, supporting them with major advantages in their changing environment.

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 50,000 +  LIVE FLOOR® systems


Introducing the all new NEXUS® powered by HALLCO®

NEXUS® powered by HALLCO ®  the horizontal loading and unloading ORIGINAL LIVE FLOOR®

This unique system has a fully assembled drive unit incorporating a hydraulic module, control valve and
pressure filter and is hard piped with corrosion protected steel tubes and a unique option of 3 rows of frame bearings to support aluminium floor planks also for driving Fork Lifts over.  

The benefits of NEXUS ® are your next step.

  • Patented ACCELERATOR technology with 30% faster unload
  • Fully assembled Drive Unit with P-coat surface finish
  • Electric, hybrid or manual control with wired or wireless remote control
  • 3-row frame bearing for greater support with forklift loading
  • Lighter and stronger

Start your journey  and move with NEXUS®


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